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ScubaLand, the Underwater Fitness Center

The idea of an underwater fitness centre derives from the need of creating special places where skilled divers can train and at the same time have fun.

It is often very difficult to find underwater sites which are both interesting for diving and also suited to deepen teaching methods for the hobby divers. It is extremely difficult if not almost impossible to allow beginners to develop their skills in an environment which is not only safe and functional but also very pleasant.

We looking forward to create an absolutely safe environment which offers a variety of scuba skills within specific and different areas to learn and/or train diving.

This kind of underwater park situated at an adequate depth, can be used by groups of divers or by diving centres that wish to develop various teaching techniques in order to acquire various diving licenses.

The structure respects the requirements that a “teaching area” has to present. These features vary according to the way and the place in which the park is constructed.

It can function as open or closed water area, depending in the way in which it is used.
Above all, we at Biomarine are concerned with the protection of the environment and the ecological impact of these structures.
The choice of Tecnoreef as basic structure, to build an artificial coral reef is due to the peculiar ecological and functional features of the product. The Tecnoreef modules can be combined and used in numerous formations which makes our product unique.
So we have developed the idea of a great artificial reef, created and manufactured according to specific needs but always respecting those of the lords of this habitat, The Fish.
For many years Tecnoreef’s artificial reefs have successfully been restocking the whole of the Mediterranean Sea with massive results and in a speedy and successful way. Some of the most famous reefs have been controlled by the major Italian research institutions which are constantly making appraisals.
We would now like to present in detail the technical description of the single functional areas of the park.

Technical description

The park is divided into functional areas. The divers who are training or are in the process of receiving a diving license are able to do all the exercises required to obtain a diver’s license.



The Platform area

The platform area is made up of a framework with a large base formed by Tecnoreef modules.
This base functions as a sort of stage where the trainer can clearly perform the whole sequence of basic exercises which require a kneeled position.
The available surface allows trainer assistants or dive masters to control an entire class of learners divers from behind without disturbing the flow and execution of the lesson.
Thanks to the openings in the base of the modules sediment cannot deposit there. This allows also divers with little experience to move under water, touch the bottom of the structure with their flippers without fearing of making the water turbid and of losing the diving group.
The perimeter of the structure, made up by Tecnoreef plates, is ideal for the first lessons in which novice divers can use the border as a visual contrast in order to find a fixed point of reference and learn to improve the hydrostatic position.
The surrounding environment can be easily colonized by sea life, this makes a lesson take place in a dynamic environment with many biological highlights, extremely interesting, involving and fascinating.


The Labyrinth area

In front of the platform area there is the labyrinth area.
This part of the park is made up of a sequence of structures with different forms, which simulate an underwater labyrinth developing also in the height.
These structures, which can be seen in the enclosed plans, have three basic forms that can be restructured or replicated in other areas.

The accuracy in the orientation and the learning of the memorization of details are fundamental requirements in order to learn the principles of underwater swimming. The possibility of learning how to follow routes, in absolute safety, to quantify covered distances as well as eventually to come up to the top of the structures in order to find the way again, makes the labyrinth an irreplaceable instrument for the training.

The presence of vertical walls also allows the diver to learn how to get back to the water surface both in controlled and uncontrolled emergency situations.
The presence of gorges allows the trainer, also in this case, to place assistants in positions suited to help in the most complex moments of the emergency manoeuvres.
Thanks to the labyrinth it is possible to introduce methods and exercises which are usually a prerogative of advanced and specialized courses.
The structures proposed by ScubaLand represent a practical aid for the teaching of specialties such as “expert diver for the exploration of wrecks” or “expert diver for the search and for the recovery of objects”.

The Tunnel area

Difficult passages and skill tests of the hydrostatic position which are the real passion of all divers.

However, caves, tunnels and wrecks are often dangerous traps for imprudent divers. On the contrary, our tunnel is a structure which allows the diver to try the sensation of difficult passages or just to evaluate their own hydrostatic ability without fearing any difficulties.

The possibility of training in complex situations without any dangers is the real opportunity offered by these structures.

Its forms reminds us of an “open spine”, similar to the fossil remains of an enormous dinosaur. The typical openings allow divers to come out at any time, but gives the feeling of a closed space.

The tunnel can be extended endlessly, circular form type are also available.

The Pyramid area

The pyramid area has a very intensive tigmotropic and landscape impact.
The image of pyramidal structure fully colonized by sea life is spectacular.
These structures function as a place of natural reproduction, where complete food chains are concentrated.

It is a paradise for underwater photographers that do not have any more to hope in casual meetings nor to look arduously for living forms.
Everything can be comfortably observed in the same place as in a natural aquarium.

The Tower area

The Tower is dominated by a structure that is uprising toward the sea level.

The possibility to make controlled up climbing with a riferiment is surely important inside a recreational diving camp.

A structure in elevation function also as a recall for various species of pelagic fish. It is an important complement for a Diving Recreational School Camp.

The interaction between different areas

The single areas are not small independent reefs. From a biological point of view they work as a unique structure. This means that sea life considers this place as a protected natural environment.

From the static and functional point of view, the area is formed by permeable structures which offer few resistance against water so that stream can pass through them.
This is very important, in order to avoid that the structures capsize.