Erosion Monitoring

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The world is undergoing a strong atrophic process that is profoundly transforming the environmental characteristics of the planet: port developments, coastal changes for tourist purposes and indiscriminate fishing methods which are added to the general pollution and oil pollution, that are destroying the Marine Environment.

Until now the sea has suffered continuous violations, even when applications are made to solve problems created by humans, in fact, it is the coral and sea-weed intoxication which is due to the external reef/barriers that make the problem.

It is habitual that the call from Authorities and Developers comes to light when the problem has already been created. We at Bio  Marine believe that our intervention should be requested at the start of a Project simply to assess the possible damages that the said development will create and possibly make three types of interventions, primarily to Monitor and Prevent certain problems that  may arise, secondly, in order to Limit these problems and thirdly, to prevent the causes  and effects of Erosion which also includes the environmental related problems as to the Fish, Biological and Flora problems that are created in the making of these developments.

is the ultimate solution;         

an exclusive patented Module that
reduces the force of the sea against
the coastline in harmony with the sea,
rather than conflicting.

The results have proved that by placing TECNOREEF structures under the sea line resolves most of these problems. Made of sea friendly concrete with natural non synthetic materials, they are the most efficient eco-compatible technology solution for the sea environment at present; where more incisive methods have to be adopted, TECNOREEF Modules are the supportive effective solution to the environment and pH that other methods cannot solve.

The time to assemble, mount and lay the modules is very short in comparison to other systems, because the pyramidal form of the structures assures a solid grip on the sea bed.



In conclusion our services are the solution for:

  • Coastal Erosion and Monitoring
  • Fish Repopulation + Anti Trawling
  • Scuba-Land projects
  • Anchorage Systems
  • Anti-Pollution